Why han?

We provide modern, client-centric, employment law solutions.

Call for fast, expert and empathetic advice. We are here to help.

We provide
expert advice

We understand the law
– so you don’t have to.
All the experience and
all the real-world
guidance you need.

We provide
choices & solutions

You need to run your business
your way. 
We provide you with choices, backed by risk analysis, to reach your desired outcome.

We are part
of your team

Leadership can be lonely. And sometimes it takes an impartial eye or a fresh perspective to help piece the big picture together – a conversation that might not currently exist within your organisation.

We are upfront
about costs

Nobody likes hidden or
unexpected costs. All our costs
are completely transparent. And we’ll spell out your options, so you can see where your money goes and the value you get.


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