What is #FairRedundancy?

Today (29 October, 2020), we have launched #FairRedundancy – a campaign that we believe will make redundancy programmes across the UK fairer.

We’re asking employers to agree to publish their redundancy alongside their gender pay reporting if appropriate, or in Spring 2021 if they don’t legally have to provide geder pay reporting.

We firmly believe that this transparency in itself will produce a better result for certain groups of employees.

Why do we need #FairRedundancy? Are women disproportionately affected by Covid redundancies?

The sad truth is that Covid has disproportionately affected women, individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, the disabled and people from certain age groups.

Yes, the economic reality is that people will be made redundant over coming months. But equally, no one deserves to be unfairly selected for redundancy.

What proof do you have that Covid redundancies have affected these groups worse than everyone else?

Below, you’ll see some external resources about how Covid has already impacted these groups. We think that more will come in due course and so we’ll continue to update this page as and when we find new information to share.

So what can I do about #FairRedundancy as an employer?

First, run a fair redundancy consultation.

Second, take the pledge to be transparent about your results.

Third, encourage others to take part by sending them the link and sharing it on social media.

Why is this so important?

Diversity is not a fair-weather campaign. It needs to be encouraged at all points in the economic cycle. Having women, ethnic minorities, the disabled and those across different age ranges benefits your organisation economically, benefits society, and benefits the broader global economic picture.

We’re a small business just trying to survive at the moment. How is #FairRedundancy relevant to us?

Lots of firms are under pressure to make the right decisions about their future right now and we hope that you’re able to navigate a way through these incredibly tough times. This campaign is relevant no matter the size of your business because the research is clear: Diversity in business brings greater revenues and profitability. Hence, fairer redundancy programmes will have a positive economic benefit for businesses large and small.

As you’re looking to survive or recover in your business over coming months, no matter your size, you need to stick to your diversity principles as they make good business sense. Here are a few sources for the economic benefits of a diverse workforce:

How do we report our #FairRedundancy figures if we don’t have the data?

Right now, the pledge is important – a declaration that you plan to be fair in any redundancy consultations. The reporting is essential for this year’s figures but we believe that it will grow and evolve over time just as gender pay reporting has. For reporting this year, gather the data you can, report what you have and explain any gaps, and record the data for next year. Then go again.

What if we’re not planning on making any redundancies this year?

Firstly, that’s good to hear. Second, we’d still love your support. We’re not going to name firms who sign up unless they’d like us to. We wouldn’t want to miss out on your support for fear that it sends a signal to the market around potential future redundancies. Hence the option to remain anonymous if you prefer.

What are the next steps on #FairRedundancy?

If you are an employer please sign up here.

If you are an employee, then please send a link to the pledge to the person who is responsible for making this decision at your organisation.

Finally, please could you encourage others to sign the pledge either by promoting it through your social networks or via email?